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I’m Christine, a gal who came across these strange brightly-painted quilt patterns on wood one random day and absolutey feel in love!  One barn quilt led to another and soon I found myself opening my own shop online, selling out, and deciding that, as much as I loved painting them, I enjoyed teaching others how to paint them even more.


My favorite part about barn quilts is teaching others how to paint one.  My participants may walk into my classroom nervous and unsure but I make sure they walk out with a barn quilt they are excited to proudly hang on their wall.

As you can see, I love teaching and so it was no surprise that I decided to also add coaching to my skillset and became a Certified Biblical Life Coach.

Coaching allows me to teach

also enjoy coaching others on how to create a business they love AND enjoy.  What’s owning and running a business if it feels like it runs you?  I’ve worked with several business coaches, run shops on Etsy, Amazon and my own site, built several business in the past 20 years, and definitely felt overwhelmed at all the advice around the web on how to succeed.  But what I really found out is that there’s only a few crucial things to setup and the rest of your business building needs to be based on YOU.

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